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Our scientists have built the world’s first AI-powered, instant stop loss experience.

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The power of trillions of data

Underwriters can focus their attention on only the cases that are most likely to close.

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Cutting-edge neuro-semiotic models

Our AI streamlines underwriting processes, making better decisions that will boost close ratios.

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Artificial intelligence 2.0

We have invented AI that augments and accelerates human decision-making.

Why Work with us

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Improved Accuracy

The power of hundreds of human underwriters as your finger tips.

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Instant Decisions

Decisions can be made in 30 seconds, rather than weeks.

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Individual and Group Predictions

Know the risk of individuals in relation to total group risk.

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Limited data predictions

Where data is scarce, our algorithms provide crucial insight.

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Lost Ratio Improvement

Improve loss ratios. Improve combined loss ratios. Improve growth.

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